Are You Vanilla or Chocolate?

Are You Vanilla or Chocolate?

The debate over vanilla or chocolate ice cream has raged as long as the two flavors have existed. Baskin-Robbins even teamed with nationally recognized taste and smell expert, Dr. Alan Hirsch, to get insight into customer characteristics.


People that prefer vanilla were found to be idealists, more impulsive and cooperative. They’re great team players. Vanilla fans also tend to rely more on their intuition than logic, and that can make them risk-takers. They tend to have close and successful relationships. Vanilla lovers are emotionally expressive and never leave anyone in doubt as to their true feelings.

Fans say that the light and sweet flavor of vanilla is comforting. People with a taste for vanilla strive for balance and peace in their everyday life. They fully enjoy living in the moment, but they’re more likely to dress up their selection with sprinkles and other accessories. They’re loyal, confident, have a sense of humor, and enjoy the simple, classic things in life.


Chocolate lovers were discovered to be very charming, flirtatious and seductive. They were also more dramatic and gullible. Fans of chocolate ice cream are lively individuals that are typically ready for any new experience and tend toward lives in which joy and self-love play an integral part. Those that like chocolate are realists.

One advantage that chocolate fans especially liked is that milk chocolate ice cream has more anti-oxidants than vanilla and dark chocolate contains more than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate also has more caffeine. People say they prefer it since it’s available in so many subtle taste variations and offers a more energetic flavor. They view it as a smooth, silky and decadent treat.

Ice Cream and Cones

The Baskin-Robbins research also yielded some other interesting facts. People that prefer their ice cream in a cone are optimists. Sugar cone enthusiasts are funny, life-of-the-party types that tend to be performers. Those that love waffle cones are more likely to host a party than attend one and have nurturing personalities.

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