Popular Twists on Ice Cream

Popular Twists on Ice Cream

Ice cream is a popular treat anytime of the year and people have gone to great lengths to improve on the frozen sweet. Innovative ways to serve ice cream began with fruit and drizzles of honey and the ways ice cream is served has continued to evolve. The curious and the adventurous may want to explore these innovative and futuristic gourmet twists.


Frostbite Nitrogen is among the modern innovators to infuse ice cream with a small touch of nitrogen that flash freezes the confection and gives it a consistency that’s exceptionally smooth and creamy. An added bonus is that the ice cream shop features steampunk-themed décor.


From whiskey and rum to vodka and Irish crème, the range of alcohol-infused ice cream flavors continues to grow. The flavors are exquisite and are duplicates of popular cocktails with names like Mango Margarita, Java Chip Mojito and Cake Batter Vodka Martini. While booze-infused ice cream at Frostbite Nitrogen won’t intoxicate, it’s an ideal summer cooler for adults.

Fried Ice Cream

For those that think everything tastes better fried, there’s fried ice cream. The frozen treat is first encased in a batter or coating that can range from cinnamon-flavored cornflakes to vanilla wafers. It insulates the ice cream while the coating achieves a golden brown appearance.

Rolled Ice Cream

One of the newest sensations arriving in the market is rolled ice cream. Creating the confection is equal parts of thinly spread ice cream and performance art technique. Ice cream is combined with custom flavors and thinly spread on a cold surface. An “ice cream artist” uses a spatula to form ice cream into rolls that are placed vertically in a cup. It can be served with fruit, drizzles and toppings. It’s a variation of a tasty Thailand treat.

Try Something Different

Trendy ice cream options abound and it’s well worth taking the time to try something new. Individuals can enjoy mochi ice cream, a concept from Japan that features ice cream in a sweet rice paste that can be consumed by hand without a spoon. There are also ice cream churros or cups of uniquely flavored ice cream crafted into the shape of flowers. Whatever the flavor or the form it takes, ice cream remains the number one dessert choice.

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