Why Nitrogen Ice Cream Is So Smooth

Why Nitrogen Ice Cream Is So Smooth

Ice cream is good! No matter what your favorite flavor is, or the type of ice cream you prefer, there is always a great reason to enjoy a frozen dessert.  To make regular ice cream you simply take some milk and/or cream, add some sugar and sometimes eggs and churn it all up while freezing it.

Add your flavorings, bits of fruit/chocolate/bacon (it’s a thing – look it up!) and very soon it will be ready to get stuck in to. There are also many variants on this traditional recipe, known as hard ice cream, and here are some of those for you:

  • Soft ice cream. This is usually served in cones from restaurants and ice cream trucks. The mixture is more or less the same as the hard ice cream, but it’s mixed at a higher temperature and stored in the machine in a liquid state. It then starts to freeze as it’s added to the cone, giving it that creamy, light texture.
  • This is made with more milk than cream, which reduces the amount of air in the mixture and results in a denser ice cream that has more intense flavors.
  • French Ice Cream. This is made using a custard base and is available in a variety of flavors.
  • Nitrogen ice cream. This is made using magic and sorcery and is very smooth and delicious.

Nitrogen Makes for Creamier Ice Cream

One of the first things people notice when they try nitrogen ice cream for the first time is just how smooth and velvety it is. The reason for this relies on science. Traditional ice cream preparation methods take a little while to freeze the ingredients whereas nitrogen freezes at a much faster rate. Because of this, the ice crystals in nitrogen ice cream are much, much smaller, which gives it that smooth texture. The traditional way of doing it takes longer, allowing the crystals to form much larger, giving it that ‘crunchier’ texture.

Another bonus to nitrogen ice cream is that it’s denser. Regular ice cream is about 50% air whereas nitrogen ice cream, because it freezes so fast, reduces that ratio a lot, trapping the flavors inside and, importantly, making it much more resistant to heat. Basically, your nitrogen ice cream will take ages to melt on a hot, sunny day!

Everyone likes their ice cream fresh, right? Well with nitrogen ice cream, it doesn’t get much fresher. Due to the unique way in which it is made, nitrogen ice cream has to be frozen on the spot, making everyone a made-to-order dish. You can’t get fresher than that!

Oh, and in case you were wondering: it’s completely safe too. Nitrogen is totally non-toxic, tasteless, odorless and safe for consumption, so get stuck in!

Nitrogen Ice Cream from Frostbite

If you are not yet convinced that our clever nitrogen ice cream really so much creamier and more delicious than regular ice cream, come on in and try it for yourselves.  Our steampunk themed cafe is the perfect place to relax, catch up with friends and family and enjoy our awesome ice cream.

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